Keep Re-Installing The Tablet

I’ve got myself a U3 SanDisk, which I have installed Evernote on but it still seems to want to synch with the web version rather than act as a stand alone. I want to instal Ubuntu on it and try to boot my PC from that to see if I can get this bloody Wacom tablet to work that way and use it with GIMP instead. Wacom have run out of ideas and suggest I contact Microsoft [yeah right!]. I’ve considered a couple of driver conflict options since… but to no avail. In retrospect I probably didn’t need a U3 stick as I will probably lose that when installing Ubuntu.

My 1TB Maxtor turned up as well and I have my PC backed-up on that now so I can chance a few radical ideas to get the tablet working that I might have thought a bit chancey previously.

Failing that I may have to reconsider my idea of getting a Netbook and get something that will run Photoshop satisfactorily instead.

I guess Microsoft wading into the fray of “QR Code” development with their fancy, all colour “Microsoft Tags” might mean that it will be worth our while trying to pursue ways of using them productively. The Japanese, of course, have been happily using QR for ages but it is probably going to take the weight of Microsoft to get the West involved. Although I suspect the US have had the opportunity long before now once people get it into their heads that it’s all Microsoft’s idea then maybe it will all take off. I hope so. It will save me trying to decide whether to go with QR or RFID for any Augmented Reality ideas I might be pondering… And there is at least one.

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About Steve Wilde
Digital Artist, Musician and Photographer with an interest in Location Based Services, Augmented Reality, QR Codes and most things Google. Especially if I can integrate them into my music and/or artwork.

One Response to Keep Re-Installing The Tablet

  1. Ian says:

    Microsoft have missed the boat (yet again) with tags.

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