Notes On Plumbing?

Despite the plumbing trying to thwart my efforts to get things done I have had a result with the Wacom tablet at last. I booted my PC from Ubuntu, installed on my new 16GB SanDisk USB key and the tablet worked fine! I’ve now also installed Ubuntu Studio on my PC using Sun xVM VirtualBox before deciding whether to make the PC dual boot or not. Well I would be if I wasn’t trying to figure out why the boiler won’t heat the flat and water at the same time, what the hell is blocking the kitchen sink up and why the washing machine’ has died a death full of water!

I happily migrated my Google Notebooks to Evernote on Friday… and upgraded so that I’m synchronised on PC and laptop. A very satisfactory experience I must say. It’s making me wonder if I could wean myself any other Google Apps? Seems I’m not the only one either as this piece will testify. I can’t see me being drawn away from GMail, the Calendar or My Maps but I’d consider an alternative to Google Docs. First glance at Zoho and it looks exactly the same to me! But I’ll give it a try. It has a lot of other business tools such as invoicing and project management.

I bookmarked the Picto Browser some time ago in Delicious but had never got round to using it then I happened across a page using it, earlier today, and thought I’d give it a try. So, below are the photos I took at the Richard Serra exhibit a little while back. Assuming Blogger will let me embed it of course. [Blogger did but it didn’t seem to migrate to WordPress! 16/03/10/]

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